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Ardh Sainik Volunteer (ASV) – Policy and Guidelines


"Mera Daan – Jan Kalyan Yojna" is the initiative of Ardh Sainik Welfare Trust (Regd.) Delhi India that aims to ensure "Bhojan Davai Shiksha Sahara" for poor and needy citizens may get facility in every district/village of India. With our deep faith for all mighty God, India had 21 Lakhs temples, 3 lakhs Masjid, 2 lakhs Gurudwara, 2 lakhs church total 28 lakhs religious places in India due to citizens donation and support of Indian citizens. If with these religious faiths we may develop 7 lakhs Bhojanalya, 7 lakhs Dispensary, 7 Lakhs education centre, 7 lakhs old age homes total 28 lakhs than there would be no shortage of food and medicine, even no one will be illiterate and there is no trouble during old age life for senior citizens to survive in India.


Through volunteer, mobile phones, social media and radio/TV are effectively help in reaching out to the people, word of mouth remains to be an important mode of communication in villages and small towns and cities. To achieve maximum mobilization, active participation from volunteers will be required. The objective of this activity is to involve maximum participation of tech-savvy youth in spreading the message about Mera Daan – Jan Kalyan Yojna for the betterment of the society and country.


  • To help needy citizens of India to get Bhojan Davai Shiksha and Sahara in each and every District/village of India at the time of need.
  • To make citizens aware about the poor/need of society.
  • To create a national level system in each and every district for providing free Food, Medicine, Education and Old age home for poor/needy citizens.
  • Best use of our religions daan.


The following steps will be taken to engage/trained the Ardh Sainik Volunteer (ASV):

  • Online/offline registration of the volunteers at nationwide.
  • hours training/orientation by ASWT HO Delhi.
  • Confirmation mail to all volunteers who successfully completing the training/orientation.
  • Notification of about appointment with tasks.
  • Acceptance of tasks by the volunteers.
  • Completion of the tasks by the volunteers
  • Assessment of the completed tasks by the volunteers.
  • Start rating and rewarding as per the ASV volunteer policy and guidelines.


  • a) Awareness: To make people aware about the importance of "Mera Daan – Jan Kalyan" Yojna as well as to create awareness among citizens about "Mera Daan – Jan Kalyan" Yojna.
  • b) Data Collection: All trained ASV to collect data from citizen/students (villages, departments, Panchayat, CSCs, RWAs, PHC, Sub Centre, High Schools, Senior Secondary Schools, Colleges, Block Office, Community Centres etc.), when required.
  • c) Training: As a part of "Mera Daan – Jan Kalyan" Yojna, trained ASV to train citizens and motivate them to participate in "Mera Daan – Jan Kalyan" Yojna session for development of society and country.
  • d) Collecting Feedback: Enter feedback data at a Portal after various outreach programmes and activities of "Mera Daan – Jan Kalyan" Yojna.
  • e) Participate: ASV to participate in all "Mera Daan – Jan Kalyan" programme


  • Minimum bachelor's degree in any discipline.
  • Must have organizational skills and strong written and communication skills
  • He/She should have good conduct and no criminal record
  • Basic IT literacy skills like using MS Office, Internet surfing, emailing and knowledge about social media. It is mandatory for each ASV will need to specify personal details like name, address, mobile number, email ID, educational qualifications, and two or more interest areas (Interest Areas : Awareness, Data Collection, Training, Collecting Feedback, Participation and Translation) while online registration.


Registration of Ardh Sainik Volunteers will be from all sections of the community. Volunteers will be asked to complete a simple online registration form appropriate to the role that they are applying for and to supply two references. Volunteers will receive a role description and volunteer agreement containing full information about their chosen area of work and a clear idea of their responsibilities and the volunteer's responsibilities to them.


Volunteers will be given training/orientation of 4 hours about "Mera Daan – Jan Kalyan" Yojna before induction. The assessment of the volunteers will be done by ASWT HO Delhi, accordingly a certificate of Ardh Sainik Volunteer (ASV) will be issued on successful training.


All the correspondence with the volunteers will be done through emails and through online volunteer management system. Support sessions will provide the opportunity for ongoing dialogue about the development of the volunteering role and any advice and guidance as needed.


As a token of appreciation for volunteer effort in the "Mera Daan – Jan Kalyan" Yojna, the following award/rewards will be made available for all that complete the respective achievement of the campaign and have performed tasks assigned to them with enthusiasm and diligence. After completion of 4 hours training/orientation organized by ASWT HO Delhi the volunteer will receive authorization with I card and other kit comprising of "Mera Daan – Jan Kalyan" Yojna shirt, cap and badge.

Achievement Awards Daan Stars
100 members in a month Certificate of Appreciation One Ardh Sainik Star
300 Members in a month Certificate of Appreciation Two Ardh Sainik Star
500 members in month Certificate of Appreciation Three Ardh Sainik Star
700 Members in month Certificate of Appreciation Four Ardh Sainik Star
1000 Members in month Certificate of Appreciation Ardh Sainik Rattan
Contribution Reward
500 points in a month No award
501 to 10,00,000 points in month 10 cent points upto 5,00,000 & 5 cent points beyond 5,00,001
10,00,001 to 50,00,000 points in month 10 cent points upto 25,00,000 & 5 cent points beyond 25,00,001
50,00,001 to 1,00,00,000 points in month 10 cent points upto 75,00,000 & 5 cent points beyond 75,00,001
1,00,00,000 + points in a month 10 cent fix


The duration of the Ardh Sainik Volunteer is valid upto one year only. If the volunteer wishes to continue, he/she needs to re-register online and subject to satisfaction performance by ASWT HO Delhi.


Volunteers shall observe the following Code of Conduct, which shall include but not be limited to, the following:

  • Volunteer will conduct themselves professionally in their relationship with "Mera Daan – Jan Kalyan" Yojna and in the public in general.
  • No Volunteer shall interact with or represent "Mera Daan – Jan Kalyan" Yojna to the media (print and electronic).
  • In general a Volunteer may not interact with or represent "Mera Daan – Jan Kalyan" Yojna vis-à-vis third parties. However, some Volunteers may specifically be authorized to interact with third parties on behalf of Ardh Sainik Welfare Trust depending on the nature of their roles and responsibilities.
  • Volunteers will follow the advice given to them regarding representations to third parties.
  • Any papers and documents written and/or published by the Volunteer should carry the caveat that the views are the personal views of the Volunteer and do not represent or reflect the views of the ASWT.
  • The volunteers must ensure good behaviour towards women and physically challenged.
  • The volunteers must respect everyone equally irrespective of their religion, gender, class, creed etc.


  • a) ASWT may disengage a volunteer on grounds of misbehaviour or violation of Code of Conduct
  • b) ASWT may disengagement a volunteer if he/she is inactive for a period of 2 months. Upon disengagement, the Volunteers shall hand over all papers, ID cards, equipment or assets which may have been given to them.


The copyright of all content/project/proposal/concept created during training session shall be owned by ASWT. The Volunteer/ College/ institute shall seek written permission of ASWT before utilizing such content.


We aim to build a nationwide network of 20 thousand volunteers for the "Mera Daan – Jan Kalyan" Yojna.

Account Guidelines:

Some of the key guidelines for AS Volunteer include:

  • Account Creation: One account ID at www.MeraDaan.com will be created/allotted for each ASV to access his/her account in terms of accessing details about their profiles, list of mandate and accounts related to them as well as the count of hours they have completed depending upon which award/rewards are they eligible for.
  • Login and passwords: Each new account requires a URL, user name and/or email address and a password. A proper record of login ids and password must be maintained and keep secret by ASV. This is critical as multiple people may be authorised to post on behalf of the ASWT


  • Responsiveness: It is important to perform tasks immediately and circulate information about "Mera Daan – Jan Kalyan" Yojna around them promptly and updated through personal or social media, so that public may get aware properly and support the mission.
  • Response: While creating a policy for responses, it may be noted that –
  • While volunteers are free to send response in their personal capacity, it is mandatory that while they are doing so, they must clearly identify themselves, confidential information must not be divulged and should not be seen to represent "official view" unless authorised to do so by ASWT HO.
  • Another important aspect that needs to be addressed is the Escalation Mechanism. There has to be a defined hierarchy not only of responses but also of queries. A Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) and Fixed Response Format (FRF) may followed
  • The next level may be queries related to projects/programme, for which no separate official response may be needed because all relevant information may be available in the public domain and the query may be responded accordingly
  • The next level of query may be more specific where an "official" response may be needed. Such a categorization will help organizations in streamlining their responses

Data & Information Security:

The communication to citizens via AVS should follow the same information provided by ASWT HO Delhi. No official information may be conveyed in public.