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About Ardh Sainik Welfare Trust

The Ardh Sainik Welfare Trust (Regd.) (ASWT) is taking care of the Paramilitary personnel for their overall growth in their personal and social life since March 2015. "www.ardhsainik.com" is a first initiative as facilitation portal for Jawans for the following support and serving to society:

  1. Ardh Sainik Children Admission Schemes
  2. Ardh Sainik Higher Education Support
  3. Ardh Sainik Professional Education Supports
  4. Ardh Sainik Insurance Support
  5. Ardh Sainik Income Tax Report (ITR) Facility
  6. Ardh Sainik Amul Rehabilitation Program
  7. Ardh Sainik Super Fifty – Facility for UPSC Exam preparation
  8. Ardh Sainik Legal Support
  9. Ardh Sainik Polytechnic admission Support
  10. Ardh Sainik Home Loan Support
  11. Telecasted TV Serial "Ardh Sainik Shauryagatha" on the life and sacrifices of Gallantry Medal Awardees of Central Paramilitary Forces Personnel with the permission of Ministry of Home Affairs, GOI.
  12. Ardh Sainik Canteen – "Aam Janta ke liye" - A rehabilitation program for paramilitary personnel.
  13. Ardh Sainik Security – "Nation's Trained Soldiers" - A rehabilitation program for paramilitary personnel.
  14. Ardh Sainik Old Age Camp – Service to society by Jawans.
  15. Ardh Sainik Free Dispensary – Health support for society by the Jawans.
  16. Ardh Sainik Public School – A chain of Schools by the Jawans for poor needy children.
  17. Ardh Sainik Free Mess – A mess for hungry persons by the Jawans.

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